Technical Service

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing (also known as DTP) is the creation of documents in format of hardcopy or software copy. The term has been used for publishing at all levels, from small-circulation documents such as local newsletters to books, magazines and newspapers. However the term implies a more professional-looking end result, with a more complex layout, than word processing.

Along with development of technology, DTP has been more complicated than before, documents transformation between many formats shew high demand from industries. Several key services are provided by us:

Softcopy --> Hardcopy

Database Data --> Excel, Word, PDF, HTML

Proprietary format --> PDF, Word, Excel, HTML

Data Discovery

Data discovery connects organisation to a wide variety of data source types (structured, semi-structured, and non-structured) and enables organisations to freely explore the data within. There are no predefined data drill paths, so users of data discovery can interact with data the way they want to and easily create visualizations that suit their own purposes.

Over time, as more and more organizations see the potential of data discovery to deliver quick and versatile data analysis services with the features of ease of use, freedom to explore, and self-service at their basis, that enables organizations to quickly gain access to a broad set of data sources, and start exploring data, analyzing it, and gaining insights from that information. As such, data discovery boasts a flexibility and freshness that traditional BI solutions might find hard to match.

Software Setup & Configuration

organisations purchase applications for business needs but vendors may not supply corresponding setup and configuration for software to run properly. Such configuration can refer to either hardware or software, or the combination of both. Many enterprise software products need settings of parameters, connections, data sources before use, which requires specific technical skillset to implement.

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