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Alibaba’s IPO, JD.com went to NASDAQ, 9158.com went to HK stock exchange, etc etc, too many such “Successful stories” rushed in my tiny, handicapped brain in past 10 months in China. While my left brain has nothing right, and my right brain has nothing left, I fell into thinking of what e-commerce is.

All those lionised doing-wells by capital market are e-commerce companies, simply called e-coms. According to oxford dictionary, e-commerce is “Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet” (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/e-commerce), a very tidy explanation. Selling products online are indeed those e-coms’ business, who leaded a properous market symptom for so many entreprenures, VCs invested on e-commerce startups. Stories of e-coms getting first, second round of funding, e-coms going public listed, someone became rich after setting up e-com, appeared in news, social medias, community. Be alerted, cases were true but percentage was low – they were just a very tiny percentage, If you are standing up for e-commerce, please sit down for a while and think of:

1. what you want to do

2. how you are going to do

E-commerce is extolled too much in China by some parties – online shop platform operator, online shop owner, e-commerce advocator (mostly who provides e-commerce related services/products) and others, who are beneficial from it. For a new starter in e-commerce area, you must be carefully planned before each step forward, searching online, checking with people who knows e-commerce will be a good beginning.

There is other hot word named O2O (online-to-offline) now, even some non-e-coms setup department called O2O business. I just want ask anyone, if a company sells product via channel, one day sells it via TV advertisement, does this company setup a department called TV business department?  A simple concept is abused by a group of “special-purpose-ers” and complicated/redirected to a strange corner.

Before my brain still can be seen in left and right, I want to bring up a need-to-notice for who wants to do anything related e-commerce in China. If you say e-commerce in China, please say 电子商务;if you say online shop, please say 电商. However, from other direction, both 电子商务 and 电商 translated in English are e-commerce.


Brent Sun

Jun 27, 2014 in Singapore


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