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你是否担忧?担忧工作,担忧退休,担忧孩子,担忧身体,担忧财务? 如果你有任何一个担忧,那可能是你准备不足,或者无力改变,那么就请行动,要么放下,两者选其一,那还有什么好担忧的?

Trick by using linkedin, pretty funny……

This is a relax experience with fun, I cannot imagine there is still such people who believes such tricks and plays it with not a few effort. Let’s watch…… 8:42AM, July 1st, I got this email from Jenine Choo. 10:24AM, July 1st, I got second email from Jenine Choo: Umh, looks like a business opportunity, […]

E-commerce – is it too hot in China? 21

Alibaba’s IPO, went to NASDAQ, went to HK stock exchange, etc etc, too many such “Successful stories” rushed in my tiny, handicapped brain in past 10 months in China. While my left brain has nothing right, and my right brain has nothing left, I fell into thinking of what e-commerce is. All those lionised doing-wells by […]